Whoa! ﭢ

My life depends on how I wake up each morning..

I love hash browns and fresh orange juice, california maki, sushi,kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, longganisa salad, and shrimp pesto pasta.. I also go for Italian, Thai and Vietnamese food. Which gave me passion for cooking.
I love cartoons and I go for REN & STIMPY SHOW and SOUTHPARK..
I enjoy watching Classic movies and collecting vintage stuff.

I love make-ups, too. ♥♥♥
When going through harsh times... listening to reggae, ska and neo-soul music could ease me, while I share my thoughts through writing..
I am also interested in photography especially lomography and those that uses Fish Eye Lens.
I am truly madly deeply in love with JOHNNY DEPP.. ♥

For a healthier option, try adding oats in your squash or pumpkin soup. Not only it’ll make your soup thicker, it’ll also add even more fiber. Since pumpkin or squash provides enough fiber already..

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Finally had a free time..
So, I’ll be splurging on this itsy-bitsy cup of #yummy #goodness.. while having to enjoy me reading time (while my man and son are asleep)

#frozen #yogurt is the best!
Hooray for free time! Now, I can resume to reading.. #IfIStay 

Just what makes me feel alive, aside from cooking.
I’ve always loved cooking. I’ve grown to witness having a father who cooks great and having to learn from him as well.
I recall one afternoon during my childhood when I used to draw my Dream House, with a very big kitchen.
There were also some drawings where there were a lot of people in the backyard being accommodated by a character wearing a chef’s toque, who, I later recognized, was me.
As I grow up, I never really enjoyed eating a lot. I only want preparing them, or helping my dad in the kitchen preparing for what he’s gonna cook.
But, as I get older, I’ve learned that to be able to enjoy what I’m cooking, I must also enjoy eating it.
So, years passed and now, I must say that experience really is a good teacher.
I was able to cook for my friends & family - restaurant style!
Was able to cook for some people for occasions, and was also able to teach my daughter some of my recipes where she was able to cook one of it for a certain cooking competition in school just recently and won 1st place for it.

My motto for that would be:


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Good night, people!

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Ooh, those #satay
Made by yours truly..

(one of my fusion recipes)

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That’s Empress (encircled with pawprints) when she was just about a couple of months old.

#Wayback #Wednesday
Our little furry baby, Empress, has just turned a year and six months today..
She’s starting to look a tad bit like her mother, Chloe, already.

Can you see quite a resemblance?