Whoa! ﭢ

My life depends on how I wake up each morning..

I love hash browns and fresh orange juice, california maki, sushi,kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, longganisa salad, and shrimp pesto pasta.. I also go for Italian, Thai and Vietnamese food. Which gave me passion for cooking.
I love cartoons and I go for REN & STIMPY SHOW and SOUTHPARK..
I enjoy watching Classic movies and collecting vintage stuff.

I love make-ups, too. ♥♥♥
When going through harsh times... listening to reggae, ska and neo-soul music could ease me, while I share my thoughts through writing..
I am also interested in photography especially lomography and those that uses Fish Eye Lens.
I am truly madly deeply in love with JOHNNY DEPP.. ♥

Don’t let the storm ruin your day coz there’s a lot of things you can do at home, especially with your rad husband. <3<3<3

Always keep in mind that any chore, whether big or small, can be done effortlessly when done with your partner. You need not to always go out just to have quality time together.
Sometimes, having just the both of you would be the most memorable quality time you’ll ever have..

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Jah, we thank You for today.. for giving us another chance to wake up and see the world.. to be with our loved ones and be able to share another waking day. Today might be stormy and difficult for others, but we still thank You for giving us the blessing of life.
May You still wrap us with Your Holy Spirit to keep us safe from harm. We also pray for your loving guidance especially to those who are nearing harm due to the typhoon. Please guide our loved ones who are also away from home. We ask these with all our deepest love and faith to You, through Your Loving Son, Jesus, Amen.
Brush brush brush
3x a day
Brush brush brush
To make cavities away.
Brush brush brush
3x a day
Brush brush brush..

#Wayback #Wednesday
Remembering my kids’ #electronic #toothbrushes.
I kept them all these years for remembrance. Teehihi
Almost #Paradise.

Perfect camping treat..
Care for some #ootd?
Again, the best of both worlds..
That boring evening…