Whoa! ﭢ

My life depends on how I wake up each morning..

I love hash browns and fresh orange juice, california maki, sushi,kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, longganisa salad, and shrimp pesto pasta.. I also go for Italian, Thai and Vietnamese food. Which gave me passion for cooking.
I love cartoons and I go for REN & STIMPY SHOW and SOUTHPARK..
I enjoy watching Classic movies and collecting vintage stuff.

I love make-ups, too. ♥♥♥
When going through harsh times... listening to reggae, ska and neo-soul music could ease me, while I share my thoughts through writing..
I am also interested in photography especially lomography and those that uses Fish Eye Lens.
I am truly madly deeply in love with JOHNNY DEPP.. ♥

Okay, so beg for your precious life, you #dragonfruit you!

XD (at Daena’s Kitchen)
#BlueLabel #RedLabel

.. and #NowListening to #HillsongUnited  (at At Home)
And, I feel like a #hippie today.
I’m totally enamoured..

#NowPlaying #MoneyOnMyMind #SamSmith

#Toasted #Siopao
#Chapchae to-go
Wake up to a good sunny morning (and to that power breakfast) !

Have a blissful day!